Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • Purchase

    1. Can Manifattura Falomo mattresses be bought directly from the factory?

    2. Does Manifattura Falomo also produce mattresses of special sizes?

    3. I have back problems, which is the ideal mattress for me?

  • Mattresses

    1. Are memory foam mattresses harmful for small kids (aged 3-10)?

    2. Do mattresses for overweight people exist?

    3. How can I clean the mattress?

  • Pillows

    1. How do I chose my new pillow?

    2. How do I wash a memory (viscoelastic) or latex pillow? Can I wash them in the washing machine?

    3. How often does a pillow need to be changed?

  • Bed Bases

    1. Are adjustable electric bed bases (reclinable bed bases) suitable for a pocketed spring mattress?

    2. Can the bed base damage the mattress or prevent me from sleeping well?

    3. Is the choice of the bed base important?