Relaxody: The Innovative Memory Foam And Customizable Mattress

The Memory Foam is an innovative, eco-friendly material, with extraordinary features to mold itself thanks to our body-heat.

Relaxody: The Innovative Memory Foam And Customizable Mattress

Manifattura Falomo is pleased to introduce to you a new and innovative Memory mattress: “Relaxody”.

If you’re looking for a new mattress or if you would like to improve your bed-system, do not miss this article and find out the extraordinary features of this mattress, the latest one born in the Manifattura Falomo research laboratories!

The “Temperature Control”, One Of the Strong Point Of Memory Foam

The Memory Foam used for Relaxody, is the latest generation material with extraordinary temperature control capacity, that is able to keep constant the body temperature during the winter, and give you a freshness feeling during the summer.

The Mattress That Changes Shape According To Our Body Heat

The Memory Foam, using our body heat, adapts itself to our physical characteristics, ensuring us a uniform weight distribution on the mattress surface, and supporting properly the spine.

Relaxody: Here Is The Latest Innovation About “Healthy Sleep”

Relaxody is the latest memory Foam Mattress by Manifattura Falomo, but the first having a layer in Memory Fresh Blue, an innovative material that has the same adaptability and temperature control features as the Memory Foam, but moreover it can give you a freshness feeling during the sleep.

Breathable & Refreshing: An Ideal Climate For Your Sleep!

The refreshing and breathable abilities of Relaxody, ensures you an ideal climate during the sleep.

But That Is Not At All! 4 Linings According To Your Sleep Needs.

You can choose between 4 different covers for your Relaxody mattress! Yes, you got it right! When you buy a Relaxody mattress, you can pick the cover that fits better from between 4 different linings:

  • Bielastic and Medicott
  • Space Fabric
  • Memory and Poly-Liocell
  • 4 Seasons

What Are You Waiting For?

Find out now the Falomo mattress retailer closest to you and test in person the new and innovative Memory Foam mattress, Relaxody!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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