7 Mistakes To Avoid That Can Compromise Your Sleep In Winter!

Although for many animals the winter is the “lethargy” season, for humans can stand for a period of sleepless nights and consequently tiredness

7 Mistakes To Avoid That Can Compromise Your Sleep In Winter!

If you want to rest well also during the cold winter nights, do not commit these 7 errors!

1. You Keep the Temperature Inside the House Too High Or Too Low

If a bedroom is too warm or too cold, your sleep will be compromised: Do not exceed 19°C  and do not drop the temperature below the 17°C!

2. You Eat Food That is Too Heavy in the Evening

During the winter season we often change our eating habits, reducing the quantity of vegetables and fresh food in our diet: Especially at dinner, try to avoid food full of calories that might slow your digestion and ruin your sleep!

3. You Do Not Exercise Regularly

A healthy physical activity is mandatory to have a good rest, but during the winter we tend to exercise less: Take a walk, go in the gym, or do some exercise at home, but do not get lazy!

4. You Oversleep On Weekends

Even if you don’t have plans for the weekends, try not to modify your sleep-awake cycle and change your sleep habits!

5. You Don’t Check the Humidity In the Bedroom

Make sure that the humidity in your bedroom does not go over than 55% or go less than 50%: A too dry or too humid air can compromise your rest.

6. You Don’t Ventilate the Room Properly

Even if it’s cold outside, it’s important to air out the bedroom, especially if you suffer from dust mite allergy!

7. You Drink Too Much Hot Beverages, Full Of Caffeine and Sugar

Before going to sleep, an herbal tea can help you to rest better, but do not overdo with sugar, avoid coffee and drink only decaffeinated tea.

Do not Forget To Choose a Quality Bed System!

Find an authorized retailer and get the mattress, the bed base and the pillow that meet your physical characteristics, you’ll sleep well in every season!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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