Cosleeping: too old to sleep in the parent’s bed?

The decision to sleep with your baby in your bed, rather than in his own crib, is a personal and free choice of every parent.

Cosleeping: too old to sleep in the parent’s bed?

In this article, we want to suggest how to facilitate this “move”!

Surely at a certain point, we have to learn to sleep alone, maybe starting with a crib in the room’s parents.

Don’t rush!

There are endless discussions about the positivity or negativity of cosleeping. What we must always keep in mind is that every child is different from another, and so it is up to the parents decide on.

If for your child is time to get out parent’s bed, do not miss these our 5 simple tips!

1) Let’s start shopping!

It could be very useful to go with your child to buy something new for his or her bedroom, such as a toy or funny blankets. Let him or her choose how to decorate the bedroom. In this way he will learn to love the room. Moreover he realizes that this “transfer” is not a punishment but a good thing.

2) Spend some times in your child’s room

Play with him or read a bedtime story together. This is a good idea for teaching him to love his room and enjoy some pleasant time.

3) Give him a little help

If your child is afraid of the dark, initially set a small light. On the market, you can find several lights designed for “fear of the dark” and that influence sleep as little as possible.

Moreover, you can help him with all those objects that soothe him: its favorite plush or doll or also an inseparable little blanket.

4) Set up a routine

Children feel reassured by daily gestures: bathing, wearing pajamas, reading a bedtime story! All these actions make him feel protected. If you’ll manage to put him to sleep in his bed at the end of this routine, you’re done!

5) Do not give up!

If during the night your child w into your walks into your room, unless he or she has a problem, you should take him back to his room and help him fall asleep again.

Maybe, in the beginning, it will not be easy, it may take weeks or even months, but sleeping alone in his own room will slowly turn into the most natural thing for him.

Do not forget the most important thing!

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