Sleep Makes You Beautiful! 5 Secrets To Feel Gorgeous In the Morning!

Do you think that going to sleep means only dark circles and bad hair? Then you should read this article and you’ll turn your night sleep in a real “wellness night”.

Sleep Makes You Beautiful! 5 Secrets To Feel Gorgeous In the Morning!

Do not miss this article and you’ll be beautiful also just waken up!

5 Beauty Tips

Mani & Pedi: Apply a moisturized cream or vaseline on your hand and feet before going to sleep and wear a pair of cotton socks and cotton gloves for the hands (if you have them).
Eyes: If you wake up with bags and circle under your eyes, you should use a good and specific eye cream. Moreover you can try to use a higher pillow or an extra one. In this way you’ll favor the blood circulation.
Hair: Take advantage of the sleep night to up do your hair! Wash your hair before going to sleep, dry them and then make a fishtail! At the morning you’ll have soft and curly hair!
Skin: Do not forget to make your bedroom a healthy environment. This means keep temperature and humidity in the right values, for example 18°C and 50% of humidity. Your skin will thank you!

Pay Attention To the Fabric…

Pay attention when you choose the bed linen. The best thing to do for your skin, especially for your face skin, is use natural textile, like cotton and silk. And of course, do not forget to apply your face cream.

The Beauty Sleep!

According to recent researches carried out by some Universities and Centers, sleeping well and for the proper time makes us “more beautiful”!

Sleep deprivation “makes us look older”: Actually, bad skin tone and dark circles don’t help us to look like in good form!

Beauty & Health!

In order to have a healthy and good aspect we have to sleep well! The sleep it’s primary for our organism, that during the night regenerates and recharges itself.
Do not forget to sleep well, think about your bed system: Choose a high-quality mattress that fits your physical needs!

Finally, remember to combine an appropriate pillow and bed base with your mattress! Find out now a mattress retailer close to you and test by person our Made in Italy products! Tomorrow morning you’ll feel more restful and beautiful!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office


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