The perfect sleep begins a few hours before bedtime!

Being able to sleep as long as necessary for our body to regenerate itself depends on what we do a few hours before going to sleep!

The perfect sleep begins a few hours before bedtime!

If you can’t sleep well every night, read this article and find out how to best prepare your body for a quality-sleep night!

6 hours before sleeping…

Stop coffee, but not only! Even tea and many other beverages are high in caffeine. It would be better to avoid them several hours before bedtime.

3 hours before sleeping…

Stop alcoholic drinks! Aperitifs or after-dinner digestives will not help you to rest well: According to a study of the London Sleep Center, even a small amount of alcohol can negatively affect your sleep quality, compromising the duration of the REM phase.

2-3 hours before sleeping…

Stop food! The digestive process affects our sleep: Going to sleep during the digestion phase may cause nighttime awakenings and difficulty in falling asleep. The cookies are the worst! In fact, the sugar must be processed for a long time by our metabolism to be disposed, compromising the rest.

2 hours before sleeping…

Stop exercise! The evening is not the best time to exercise because of the release of adrenaline in the body that can compromise the sleep, but since many of us could not do otherwise, it would be better stop working-out at least 2 hours before going to sleep!

1 hour before sleeping…

Stop working, studying and stressing yourself! Approaching the bedtime, relax your body and your mind.

Moreover, switch off smartphones, tablets, PC and TV! Read a book, listen to some relaxing music, or do some yoga exercises.

And now, time for bed

Follow our simple tips for healthy and regenerating sleep, and choose a bed system that fits your physical characteristics! Visit now our website or find out the mattresses retailer closest to you!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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