Sleeping at School? Find Out How Sleep Can Affect Your Profit!

Summer is almost over! Time to go back at school! Whether if you are a college or an high school student, it’s important you know that a good academic profit also depends on a good sleep!

Sleeping at School? Find Out How Sleep Can Affect Your Profit!

During season-change our sleep-awake rhythm suffer more problems than usual. You probably already know that, but now we’re going to analyze it deeply.

Read this article and find out how our sleep can affect positively or negative our grades!

School: Here Our Sleep Problems Could Start!

So, school is bad? No for sure! School is not the problem! Anyway it’s during the school, high school and College time, that many of us begin to suffer from insomnia or they are not able to sleep the hours needed for an healthy sleep.

This happens because of a study-overload or exam anxiety and also because students tend to go to sleep later in the evening: parties and noisy roommates don’t help our sleep!

Which Are the 4 Worst Effects On Our Health?

The worst consequences of sleeplessness or insomnia for a student could be:

  1. Lack of Judgement: the most common reason of accidents among young people, it is the wrong assessment of their skills and reflexes after a sleepless night. Keep in mind that if your body doesn’t sleep during the night, it’s like to be drunk!
  2. Bad Mood: a research of Pennsylvania University has shown that people who don’t sleep more that 4/5 hours a night, after a week they show signs of stress, anger and metal fatigue.
  3. Bad memory: yes, it’s right! The lack of a proper sleep, significantly reduces the ability of storing in our brain!
  4. Health Problems: a recent research has shown that 73% of students that don’t sleep the needed hours could risk more health problems.
  5. Lowest grades: recent studies on school performance have shown that students who sleep fewer hours during the night have a grade point average lower!

5 Tips To Improve Your Sleep During School Time!

  1. Regular exercise, but not during the evening hours!
  2. Try relaxing activities before going to sleep that can help your rest.
  3. Follow a proper diet, do not miss fruits and vegetables!
  4. Sleep 7/8 hours per night, that are essential for your body! Also during the weekend!
  5. Sleep on a quality bed system! Actually it’s during these years that we could start to have sleep problems, It’s very important having a good sleep to not compromise the quality of our life and also our health!

One More Tip!

Sleeping on a mattress, a bed base and also a  pillow that fit with us, it’s essential to get the best from our sleep time!

What are you waiting for? Find out now the mattresses retailer closest to you and start to sleep better and improve your or your son’s grades!

Written by Manifattura Falomo – Marketing Office

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