White noises: what are they and why do they help you relax?

You have surely often heard of white noises and their relaxing properties especially in the process of falling asleep.

White noises: what are they and why do they help you relax?

But why are they defined as “white” noises and what is their calming effect about? Find out everything regarding white noises and therefor help your body and mind to rest better!

Why they are called “white noises”

Technically, a white noise is a sound whose amplitude is constant throughout the audible frequency range, which means the sum of all sounds, for this reason, by analogy with white color, which is the sum of all colors, it is defined as white noise.

Why do they have the power to make us fall asleep?

The power of white noises is to cancel all other noises, the so-called sound masking effect: the frequencies of “inconstant” noises such as traffic or a slamming door are therefore "masked" by white noises and our brain does not notice them any more.

Like a torch in a lighted room!

Imagine you’re in a dark room and you switch on a flashlight, you would immediately notice the ray of light. But what if the room were already fully illuminated? The sudden light of the torch wouldn’t even be noticed.

What are the best known white noises?

The sound of rain, the one of a switched on hair-drier or of waves at sea, the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a fan. Even the noise inside an airliner is considered to be a white noise.

Examples of the best-known

Try listening to them yourself: download an app!

The easiest way to listen to these sounds is by looking them up on YouTube or by downloading the many apps for smartphones. You can also find white noise players on the market.

Sleep great on a bed system ideal for you!

Try out now the extraordinary effects of white noises, but remember that the first step for a good sleep is to choose a bed system suitable for you and your physical characteristics.

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