Futura Mission: Here Are the Sleep Experiments on Space!

Samantha Cristoforetti, the Italian engineer and Air Force Captain, is the first italian female astronaut to go in the space; Have you already heard about it? What you probably don’t know is that this brilliant and smiling astronaut may help you sleep better!

Futura Mission: Here Are the Sleep Experiments on Space!

Learn with us how studying the sleep in the space can improve the rest of us down “on Earth”!

The “Interrupted” Sleep of Astronauts

If you think that sleeping under a sky full of stars is extremely relaxing, you should change your mind!

A research by Brigham and Women Hospital and Harvard Medical School of Boston has highlighted the many sleeping problems of the space crew, with an average of 5.96 hours of rest a night.

16 Sunrises In One Day

Because of the orbit of the space station ISS, that rotates around the Earth, the crew sees 16 sunrises and the same number of sunsets during the 24 hours: We can say that for these astronauts the days and the nights don’t exist anymore!

The “WearMon” Project For Sleeping Better!

Among the many experiment to whom Samantha will take part, one is linked to the quality of the sleep and will involve the use of a special T-shirt!

This “sensed” T-shirt is geared with detectors for collecting data and will be worn by the italian astronaut every night, to record all the information related to the function of our organism during the sleep.

A Better Sleep For Everyone

All the data collected during the experiment will be analyzed to understand how to improve the sleep quality of astronauts, but certainly this information will have a huge value also to improve the sleep of earthlings!

Follow Samantha And Her Experiments

Stay tuned: Follow the Italian astronaut on Twitter, and to learn more about the experiments take a look on the official website of Agenzia Spaziale Italiana!

Meanwhile Choose To Sleep Well Down On Earth!

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