“In April sleep is sweet” is an Italian proverb: what does it mean?

Do you feel more sleepy and tired during the spring?

“In April sleep is sweet” is an Italian proverb: what does it mean?

What’s the truth behind the famous Italian proverb “In April sleep is sweet”? Check now!

Have you ever heard about Asthenia?

Asthenia is a special physical condition, which may affect us, for example during the changing season, and it’s better known as “lack of strength”.

Truth or suggestion?

What for so long was just a popular Italian proverb has also met a scientific acknowledgment!

In April, our organism wakes up after the long winter months. But why do we need more sleep?

Let’s start again!

With the arrival of spring, our biological clock and our metabolism change their rhythms and they are regenerated with more vitality, but our body needs a few days to adapt itself to these new rhythms.

For this reason, initially, we feel more tired and sleepy when spring is coming!

More light, less rest!

The days get longer and also the transition to the daylight saving time, which takes place in the last days of March, affects our circadian rhythm!

If we go to bed later, we’ll be more tired and, as a result, our sleep will be more deeply! A real “sweet rest”!

Don’t change your sleep habits!

Even though your body will be overwhelmed by the warmth and the vitality of the spring, you should keep your sleep habits: it’s OK if you go to sleep a little later than usual, but try to follow the new schedule every day of the week!

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