3 things you can really learn while sleeping!

Sleep is essential to our learning because while our body is resting, our mind continues to work, storing all information acquired during the day.

3 things you can really learn while sleeping!

The mechanisms involved in all the mysterious processes of our brain haven't been fully understood yet, but according to some recent research, there are at least three things we can learn to do while we sleep! Find out now!

1. Learn foreign languages 

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to learn Chinese in a single night, but there's something we can do to improve our language skills.

Learn foreign languages

A recent research carried out in Germany on 3 different groups of people showed that: all individuals were German students studying Dutch (therefore already exposed to the acquisition of the language). During the night, the first group went to sleep as usual, the second group listened to some words in Dutch during the early stages of sleep and the same words were given also to the third group but while they were still awake.

The group which remembered foreign words better the next morning was the second one!

2. Improve musical skills

Once again a group of people have been monitored, this time guitarists, even fledgling musicians, and they were asked to play a melody and then take a nap.

Improve musical skills

Without their knowledge, during the nap half of the individuals listened again to the melody previously played, the other half of them no.

When they woke up, they all played again and those who performed better were the ones who had listened to the melody while sleeping!

3. Treasure your best memories 

Our brain uses its own "labeling" system for memories: those tagged as "important" go directly to the part of our brain where long-term memory resides, while those "less important" are often swept away by new memories!

Treasure your best memories

A long and restful night's sleep is therefore the best solution for "storing" the most important information!

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