Unconventional Sleeping: The Strangest Beds in The World!

Today we want to talk about something really weird! If you have read our article: Country You Go… Bed You Find! you should know that in the World there many different beds from those to which we are used to.

Unconventional Sleeping: The Strangest Beds in The World!

But if in that article we talked about beds from different traditions, the beds that you’ll find here are not very traditional!

If you want to know some of the strangest beds in the world, don’t miss this article!

1) Magnetic Bed

Hard to believe, but this bed looks like floating in the air!

Strangest beds in the world: The magnetic bed

Actually it’s a bed suspended in the air, thanks to the magnets which allow its stability! It’s been designed by a famous Dutch designer Janjaap Ruijisseanars, seems get out of a space movie! It can hold up to 900 kg so you can bet, it will hold all your weight. Unfortunately the price is prohibitive, more than a million Euros!

2) Vertical Bed

The oddities doesn’t end here! What do you think about this vertical bed?

Strangest beds in the world: The vertical bed

It seems that for someone sleeping on a horizontal position is an outdated idea! We are wary of the comfort of this bed system, not to mention the swollen feet you could have in the morning! Certainly it can’t miss on our unconventional bed list.

3) Molecular Bed

The next one is a “changeable” bed.

Strangest beds in the world: The molecular bed

It’s a bed system composed of 120 fiber elastic beads, all tied together but movable. This is an innovative idea of a company that tries new forms of innovative and futuristics design, wanting in this way satisfy the changing nature of our emotions!

4) Ergonomic Bed

Also the next bed seems straight out of a science movie, instead it’s a nap bed, with an engaging design, marketed worldwide.


This futuristic bed was created by a famous design company. It’s an ergonomic bed which, as the name suggest, has been designed as an ideal place for a nap, completely relaxing. In fact its unique design has been developed to facilitate a naturally rest.

5) The Swing Bed

After the rocking chair, that your mommy or grandma had in the porch, here’s the swing bed able to swing you through the night.

Strangest beds in the world: The swing bed

Be careful if you suffer from “seasickness” you should not sleep on it!

6) Minimal Bed

Last but not least, we want to show you a very minimal bed!


Actually just a museum piece, but certainly who designed was very confident about his habits! And moreover he slept always alone!

What do you think about these strange mattresses? Which one is your favorite? Fell free to comment this article and let us know how much “unconventional” you could be!

Our Tip

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