Sleeping on the plane: 10 tips for doing it the right way!

The holidays are finally here, are you ready to pack and take off? If your destination is far and requires a long flight, you better take inspiration from these 10 simple tips to rest well on the plane so as to reach your destination feeling relaxed and rested and enjoy your holiday from the beginning!

Sleeping on the plane: 10 tips for doing it the right way!

Always keep in mind these 10 tips and travel wonderfully all year long!

  1. Even during your flight, stick to your usual routine as much as possible: brush your teeth, drink something hot, read a book. Try to respect your usual home habits in order to "trick" your body and make it feel “at home” as much as possible.
  2. Wear soft clothes that aren’t too tight. 
  3. Choose a window seat in order to have more space and use the side panel to support your head; furthermore, you can close the shade whenever you wish.
  4. During the long wait before boarding, do some stretching exercises, especially for the legs.
  5. Remember to bring the essential cervical pillow along with you and, if necessary, also a lumbar pillow.
  6. Take your shoes off and wear traveling socks during the flight; if you suffer from poor circulation, wear graduated compression stockings.
  7. Don’t forget to take a sleeping mask and earplugs with you and wear them when necessary.
  8. If you have troubles relaxing, prepare a playlist with relaxing music or white noise before departing. Find out more on white noises in this article!
  9. Also remember to bring (or ask the cabin crew) a blanket to cover up and keep yourself warm. Remember to fasten your seatbelt over the blanket if you don’t want to be woken up by a hostess or steward during safety checks!
  10. The best position? Recline the seat as much as possible (kindly ask the person behind you), stretch your legs (don’t overlap!) and use the cervical pillow.

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