5 practical tips for getting through the first day of a new year!

Are you feeling rough after New Year’s Eve big dinner and late-night celebrations?

5 practical tips for getting through the first day of a new year!

Discover some practical tips for stepping into the new year feeling well-rested.

1. A tasty “reason” for getting up early

Whatever time you slipped under the covers, resist the temptation to spend the whole day in bed. A great excuse for enjoying the first morning of the new year is a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch. Here are 3 ideas!

2. Make a good cup of coffee

Yes, it might sound like foregone advice, but caffeine can undoubtedly help you get through the day, but remember to have your coffee before 3 pm so as not to alter the quality of your night’s rest. Did you know that caffeine is not only contained in coffee? Read our article to find out more: Caffeine: 7 things in which you wouldn’t expect to find it!

3. First nap of the year

Is sleep hanging on you? Then have a 30-minute-nap in the afternoon to recover your energy. What kind of napper are you?

4. Strolling towards good sleep

As you know, fresh air and daylight have a powerful effect on our internal “biological clock”. Even the faint light of a winter day has a useful “awakening effect” on our body: a walk in the quiet nature will surely help you regulate sleep!

5. Early in bed

Get ready to go to bed an hour earlier than usual, perhaps with a good book that relaxes your mind and don’t forget that a bed system that meets your needs and physical characteristics is essential for good rest!

Are you ready to start the new year with the right boost?

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